Why CanRecruit specialises in Construction, Civil, Logistics and Manufacturing and how we can help you
The search for the right candidate is tough
The search for the right candidate in a specialist industry is tough

Why CanRecruit are specialists

When CanRecruit started over 10 years ago in Christchurch, the founders realised that there was a huge demand in the areas of Construction, Civil, Logistics and Manufacturing that no one else was fulfiling.

Since then, CanRecruit has gone from strength to strength. CanRecruit recognises the need for a dedicated Industrial and Trades Recruitment provider across NZ’s biggest centres, with offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Cromwell.

What are the benefits for you when working with a specialist recruitment agency?

Whether you are someone looking for a new position, or a business navigating through an extremely difficult market, a recruitment specialist such as CanRecruit will save you time and money.

Here are the 4 ways in which using a specialists recruitment consultancy can help your business

  1. Attract the best talent
    A good recruitment agency will pro-actively search their existing databases as well as recruit new candidates, and suit your requirements specific to your job. Our vast database of quality candidates consists of candidates looking for short or long-term work and vetted through our rigorous interview process. This means that all you need to do is pick a candidate that will suit your needs!
  2. A prompt process
    We know that the industrial industries can move fast, and often you need a quality candidate to start immediately. Rather than wait for candidates to apply for the vacancy, CanRecruit knows a host of great candidates that are actively looking for work at any one time.
  3. Qualifying candidates
    CanRecruit prides itself on being able to save any business considerable time by qualifying candidates on their behalf. We go through an extremely thorough process to qualify and interview candidates, drug test and check things like licences and references
  4. A consutlative service
    Over the past 10 years, CanRecruit has perfected an ‘end-to-end’ service for our clients, by providing a genuinely consultative service throughout the recruitment process. Our team of professional recruiters have extensive experience in searching and selecting candidates, with a strong network and good contacts within the industries.

Lastly, remember that using a specialist recruitment service in your industry will not only get you the best candidates but save you time and money in the long run.

If you have any questions or currently looking for staff, contact our team on 0800 226 732

Why we are entering a ‘Candidate Market’
This year has seen a strong start to the job market, but labour shortages are causing low business confidence.

We are all aware that it’s been a really tough start to the year with Covid disruption and the cost of living sky-rocketing. However, there is some silver lining in the job market!

The RCSA has recently published its report for January – March 2022 which you can read here:

The main takeaway from the report is that: the job market is booming despite weak business confidence.

What does that mean? Basically, it’s great news for unemployment rates and the rise of flexible jobs (vs permanent), but not so good for businesses trying to fill positions due to the lack of staff across NZ.

Here are the key points from the report:

  • The job index rose to an impressive 6.5% in the last three months, with an indication that unemployment will fall further
  • A major shortage of talent and people in the workforce is the reason for declining business confidence
  • Flexible jobs have outperformed the permanent jobs index over the pandemic
  • Retail and Wholesale achieved the highest rate of growth in Q4 2022
  • The Auckland region represents close to 40% of all job postings in New Zealand, with demand rising by 9.8% in the last three months

How does this benefit you?

This report highlights that we are truly in a ‘candidate market’. This means that anyone looking for work is able to negotiate and include greater flexibility in their terms and arrangements than ever before. With record levels of job opportunities and a lack of candidates, if you are applying for a job today you will be in an unprecedented position to negotiate terms and conditions of employment and make your work fit better around your life. You can read more about this here: https://www.thejobsreport.co.nz/insight/new-zealand-candidate-market-delivers-greater-flexibility-in-permanent-employment-than-ever-before/

Now is a great time to be looking for a new role! If you are interested in looking for new opportunities, talk to our team on 0800 226 732