Walking into an interview can be one of the greatest times of self-doubt even for the most confident people.

The good news is that interviewing is a skill, so anyone can learn how to ace their interviews. Like most things, it starts with your mindset which thankfully can easily be changed!

Here are our Top 5 tricks for successful job interviews:

Remember, the recruiter wants to hire you!

Our biggest fear going into an interview is rejection, and it’s easy to get so worked up that we’re already setting ourselves up to fail. It’s not you vs the recruiter. In reality, recruiters interviewing candidates are hoping that you’re the one – so walk in the door with a great attitude and self-belief you are it!

Be confident

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy for our confidence to slip if we feel we’re being judged. One easy way to convey confidence is to let your body do the talking. Sit up straight and easy as if a string is pulling you up from the top of your head, you’ll be surprised how much more confident you will feel!

Learn how to sell your ‘story’

Storytelling is one of the most important parts of selling yourself for a job, and interviewers will remember you better if they can remember the story of your career in a coherent way. Interviewers already have your CV, so don’t just repeat it. They want to know what’s not on your resume: how you’ve overcome challenges, handled major obstacles and achieved results. That’s what makes you special, not your titles or where you worked.

Don’t pretend to be ‘someone else’

It’s very tempting to be on your best behaviour or take on a totally different personality during an interview because we are worried our real selves are not good enough. Not only will this lead to more anxiety, but the recruiter will be able to see right through your bad acting skills! Be sure to put your best foot forward by remembering who you are and everything you have to offer.

Remember, it’s just a conversation!

Finally, remind yourself that you’re not jumping out of an aeroplane – you’re facing one, maybe two people and having a nice conversation about your career! Not all the pressure is on you, an interview isn’t just about being grilled about you. This is your opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the role and company. 

Lastly, remember to breathe. You got this!