For some people, choosing a career is simple, they have a path they want to pursue and go for it. What’s more challenging is when someone is lacking direction and finds themselves completely unfulfilled in their job.

In our previous video, we mentioned that planning was the key to finding your perfect job. Here are our 5 top tips to steer you in the right direction!

What interests you?

Start by thinking about what you love to do, or what you find fascinating. When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? What are you researching, reading about or focused on? Don’t necessarily think about specifics such as what kind of salary or job at this point. Instead, focus purely on what you love to do as a starting point.

What skills do you want to utilise?

Your CV tells a story of all the things you have done in your professional life. However, what if you were to make a resume of just the skills and abilities you want to be doing? Does it reflect the skills you want to be doing? Making a list of actions you want to be doing in your job is a useful way of elevating the idea of a job being something more than just doing it for the paycheck.

What industries are you interested in?

We are conditioned to ‘choose a career from an early stage at school, and for many of us, we get lost in trying to make a decision from a young age. Think broader than a specific job, instead focus on industries or fields that intrigue you, then research them to get a better idea of what the entry points are, what the growth areas are and where the industry is heading in the future.

 What is your mission?

Thinking about your overall purpose or what your values are can be a very motivating and powerful way to think about a career path. You will spend most of your adult life at work, so incorporating what drives you into your job will give you the most satisfaction, and help you leap out of bed on a Monday morning!

What is your ideal salary?

Lastly, let’s look at the numbers. What number would make you feel valued, appreciated and as if you’ve achieved your worth? That’s your ideal salary. Some career changes can involve taking a step back financially, so understanding what the lowest you can go in terms of income (for a short period of time during your transition) is key information.

Understanding what you really want from work is the first step in matching you with your ideal job. Our recruiters are experts at doing this and will take you through the entire process. 

Remember, you don’t figure it out on your own. CanRecruit offers a range of services and advice to help you find an industry you’ll love working in. Schedule an appointment with one of our team, and they can get you on the right track!