Greg MacKenzie


I have been involved in the Recruitment Industry for 20 + years, mainly in Christchurch. I have worked for a number of differing sizes of organisations over this time (learnt so much) and I have been lucky enough to meet some talented and passionate Industry people. Although I originally just fell into the industry (returned from the big OE, was broke, so took the first role I was offered), I genuinely still enjoy the opportunity of meeting a large number of local contacts, clients and candidates and connecting the talent to opportunities. With some of these connections I have been lucky enough to watch in the personal development of both their careers and as individuals over a number of years. That has been pretty satisfying.

Areas of Specialty

My career to date has mainly been Account Management focused in the FMCG (Food Manufacturing) and Transport & Logistics and Civil sectors (both here in NZ and overseas) so I tend to gravitate towards them. But the key thing I enjoy from the Recruitment Industry is the variety of roles, industries, and personalities we get exposed to. There are some real characters and innovators out there so to get in behind the scenes and see what happens…. it certainly opens one’s eyes!


Pretty standard on this front- boating, water skiing, fishing, camping. Sport watching (the days of been actively involved have sadly passed) plus a few beers here and there…when not working you will normally find me over in Akaroa; Pekata (Kaikoura) or up The Sounds- my happy place!

Over and above my go to places I enjoy a bit of travel, both domestic and international. The focus is to get off the tourist trail and get into some real parts of NZ, plus somewhere mildly intrepid… top of this year’s list is Stewart Island and/or Great Barrier Island; preferably when there are no Mozzie’s around as those little b@stards savage me.

I own a mountain bike and skis – both still in “new/unused” condition. I have also been known to make the odd donation to the TAB; they owe me…..

I’ve got an old dog so she guilt’s me to daily Hagley or Victoria park strolls…we are both getting slower.

Still haven’t owned a V8 but it’s high on the list of toys!

Bands/live music and frequenting all the new eateries and Café’s that Christchurch now has….a work/life balance, although it’s such a cliché, seems to work for me!